Impress your guests with these enticing hot Chicken Wings, Buffalo Chicken Bites, Elozer Yam Balls and Nachos

Get the best traditional cuisine like Banku, Fufu, Omutuo with Peanut Soup, Boiled African Yam with Spinach Stew, African Fried Yam etc.

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Brampton Premier Restaurant

Elozer takes you on a delicious experience with their traditional African dishes, romantic setting, a family get together, a night on the town, and a place where friendships flourish. Mouthwatering African and Mexican Cuisine Restaurant. Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Early Dinner.

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It is a restaurant you would love to go again and again. The food is delicious, the place is very clean. They deliver on time.


Delicious food, i’m impressed.

Delicious food · Great value · Professional staff · Creative cuisine · Good for parties · Experienced chefs


Can’t get over the food! It’s so good. Flavours are just unique. Need to stop by every time I go to Toronto!!!


This restaurant has good food and excellent service. I would recommend it to anyone.


Elozer has exceptional customer service and great food. There portion sizes are substantial and they cater to the needs of there customers. Keep up the great work Elozer.


They always respect their their customers and serve them very well. I can attest to that .As for me I have never seen then disrespecting a customer. I have a friend from the USA who often travels from USA to Canada just to eat their food because respect they show up to their customers

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