Sides and desserts


African Yam fries (Vegan)


African Fried Yam


Fries (Vegan)


Steamed Rice (Vegan)


Vegetable Fried Rice (Vegan)


Jollof Rice


Awaakye (Rice and Black eye peas)


Fried Plantain (Vegan)




Fried Goat meat


Spicy Goat (ASUN)


Goat Suya


Pork Chops (Domedo)


Grilled or Fried Tilapia


Fried Red Snapper Fish


Ghanaian Style Fried Chicken


Chicken Gizzard


Chicken Breast


Chicken Leg Quarter


Chofi (Turkey Tail)


Extra Shitor (African Black Hot Sauce)


Extra Hot Pepper Sauce (In house made chili sauce)


Okra Stew

Elozer Logo


Ice kenkay (Ghanaian fermented fante
kenkey mashed with milk)


Ice cream


Cheese cake




Wine List

We serve  outstanding quality and selection of vintage wines.

Our wine list is hand-picked and updated weekly.

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